Cosyne 2014 Workshops

Cosyne 2014 Workshops will be held on March 3-4, 2014 in Snowbird Ski Resort, Snowbird, Utah.

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Monday March 3, 2014

Computational Psychiatry – Day 1. Organizers: Quentin Huys, Tiago Maia

Information Sampling in Behavioral Optimization - Day 1. Organizers: Bruno Averbeck, Robert C. Wilson, Matthew R. Nassar

Rogue States: Altered Dynamics of Neural Circuit Activity in Brain Disorders. Organizers: Cian O'Donnell, Terrence Sejnowski

Scalable Models for High-Dimensional Neural Data. Organizers: Il Memming Park, Evan Archer, Jonathan Pillow

Homeostasis and Self-Regulation of Developing Circuits: From Single Neurons to Networks. Organizers: Julijana Gjorgjieva, Matthias Hennig

Theories of Mammalian Perception: Open and Closed Loop Modes of Brain-World Interactions. Organizers: Ehud Ahissar, Eldad Assa

Noise Correlations in the Cortex: Quantification, Origins, and Functional Significance. Organizers: Jozsef Fiser, Mate Lengyel, Alex Pouget

Excitatory and Inhibitory Synaptic Conductances: Functional Roles and Inference Methods. Organizers: Milad Lankarany, Taro Toyoizumi

Tuesday March 4, 2014

Computational Psychiatry – Day 2. Organizers: Quentin Huys, Tiago Maia

Information Sampling in Behavioral Optimization – Day 2. Organizers: Bruno Averbeck, Robert C. Wilson, Matthew R. Nassar

Discovering Structure in Neural Data. Organizers: Eric Jonas, Scott Linderman, Ryan Adams, Konrad Koerding

Thalamocortical Network Mechanisms for Cortical Functioning. Organizers: Murray Sherman, W. Martin Usrey

Canonical Circuits, Canonical Computations. Organizers: Anita Disney, Krishnan Padmanabhan

From the Actome to the Ethome: Systems Neuroscience of Behavioral Ecology. Organizers: Aldo Faisal, Constantin Rothkopf

Sequence Generation and Timing Signals in Neural Circuits. Organizers: Kanaka Rajan, Christopher D Harvey, David W Tank

Multisensory Computations in the Cortex. Organizers: Joseph Makin, Philip Sabes


Detailed registration costs, etc, are available here.

Typically Cosyne does not provide travel funding for workshop speakers. While workshop speakers are expected to pay for workshop registration fees, this year thanks to a grant from the Burroughs Wellcome fund will be able to offer some travel support for workshop presenters who are postdoctoral fellows or graduate students working at the interface between physics and neuroscience. Participants are encouraged to register early, in order to qualify for discounted registration rates.

One complementary (free) organizer registration is provided per workshop. For workshops with 2 organizers, the free registration can be given to one of the organizers or split evenly between them.


Robert Froemke (New York University) and Tatyana Sharpee (Salk Institute)


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