Cosyne 2016 Workshops

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Cosyne 2016 Workshops will be held on Feb 29 - Mar 01, 2016 in Snowbird Ski Resort, Snowbird, Utah.


29 February 2016 (Day 1)

Am I attending the right workshop? Certainty and confidence in decision-making - Day 1, Megan Peters, Ruben Coen-Cagli, Jan Drugowitsch

Recurrent spiking neural networks - dynamics, learning, computation, Brian DePasquale, Omri Barak, Ben Dongsung Huh, Raoul-Martin Memmesheimer

Biophysical principles of brain oscillations and their meaning for information processing - Day 1, Costas A. Anastassiou, Gabriel Kreiman, Stephanie R Jones

Sloppy models in systems neuroscience, Timothy O'Leary

Sensorimotor learning through multi-dimensional spaces, Matt Golub, Alan Degenhart

Neural bases of executive flexibility, Tim Buschman, Becket Ebitz

Computational models of cognitive, social, and affective processing, Sonia Bishop, Anne Collins

The avian brain as a guide to hierarchical temporal structures, Nirag Kadakia, Arij Daou

Dimensionality reduction for the analysis and interpretation of high-dimensional neural datasets, Mikio Aoi, Adam Charles, Jonathan Pillow

01 March 2016 (Day 2)

Am I attending the right workshop? Certainty and confidence in decision-making - Day 2, Megan Peters, Ruben Coen-Cagli, Jan Drugowitsch

Timescales of dynamics in neural networks, Athena Akrami, Ahmed El Hady

Biophysical principles of brain oscillations and their meaning for information processing - Day 2, Costas A. Anastassiou, Gabriel Kreiman, Stephanie R Jones

Form and function of choice-related feedback signals in decision making, Alan Stocker

Recent innovations in attention research: Linking models, mechanisms, and behavior, Hakwan Lau, Brian Odegaard

Toward the real world: naturalistic experiments and analysis, Joshua Glaser, Patrick Lawlor

Recent advances in activity-dependent plasticity, Paul Munro, Robert Froemke

Computations of the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex, Joshua Brown

Coding, correlations and the dimensionality of neural activity, Rainer Engelken, Gianluigi Mongillo, Fred Wolf


A series of workshops will be held after the main Cosyne meeting. The goal is to provide an informal forum for the discussion of important research questions and challenges. Controversial issues, open problems, comparisons of competing approaches, and alternative viewpoints are encouraged.

The overarching goal of all workshops should be the integration of empirical and theoretical approaches, in an environment that fosters collegial discussion and debate. Preference will be given to proposals that differ substantially in content, scope, and/or approach from workshops of recent years (examples available below).

Relevant topics include, but are not limited to: sensory processing; motor planning and control; functional neural circuits; motivation, reward and decision making; learning and memory; adaptation and plasticity; neural coding; neural circuitry and network models; and methods in computational or systems neuroscience.

Please note that in an effort to enhance the distinctions between workshops, speakers will be asked to commit to only 1-2 workshops. If need be, workshop chairs will work with overcommitted speakers prior to final workshop acceptances to reduce overlap.



Detailed registration costs, etc, will be available here.

Please note: Cosyne does NOT provide travel funding for workshop speakers. All workshop speakers are expected to pay for workshop registration fees. Participants are encouraged to register early, in order to qualify for discounted registration rates. One complementary (free) organizer registration is provided per workshop. For workshops with 2 organizers, the free registration can be given to one of the organizers or split evenly between them.


Claudia Clopath (Imperial College London) and Alfonso Renart (Champalimaud Center Lisbon)


cosyne16workshops [at]


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