Cosyne 2015 Workshops

Cosyne 2015 Workshops will be held on March 9-10, 2015 in Snowbird Ski Resort, Snowbird, Utah.


March 9

Cortical Circuits in Action – Day 1, Matthew McGinley, David Schneider

Grid Cells: A Decade of Unraveling the Mechanisms and Function of a Cognitive Cortical Code – Day 1, Dori Derdikman, Ila Fiete

Perturbations in Perceptual Behavior: Emerging Evidence for Rate and Dynamic Codes in Sparse and Dense Populations of Cortical Neurons, Guy Doron, Chris Deister, Mark Histed

Cascaded Computations – Novel Approaches to Study Information Processing in Complex Nervous Systems, Robbe Goris, Roozbeh Kiani

Functional Stability in a Dynamic Connectome, Yonatan Loewenstein, Gianluigi Mongillo

Random Walk Models Across Decision-Making Domains, Michael Shvartsman, Amitai Shenhav, Robert C. Wilson

Computational Mechanisms of Object Recognition in the Ventral Visual Pathway, Reza Rajimehr, Niko Kriegeskorte

How the Brain Makes Prediction: Relevance of Time and Spontaneous Activity, Biyu J. He, Lucia Melloni

March 10

Cortical Circuits in Action – Day 2, Matthew McGinley, David Schneider

Grid Cells: A Decade of Unraveling the Mechanisms and Function of a Cognitive Cortical Code – Day 2, Dori Derdikman, Ila Fiete

What On Earth Is the Orbitofrontal Cortex Doing Up There? A Cortical-Subcortical Approach, Peter Rudebeck, Geoffrey Schoenbaum

Memory in action: The role(s) of the hippocampus in decisions for reward, Aaron M. Bornstein, G. Elliott Wimmer

What Can Sleep Tell Us About Memory Consolidation? Sara Mednick, Maxim Bazhenov

Tools and Approaches for Ground-Truth Neuroscience, Adam Marblestone, Annabelle Singer

Evidence For and Against Synaptic Clustering and Its Role in Neuronal Functions, Panayiota Poirazi, Athanasia Papoutsi, Constantinos Melachrinos

What Can Brain Perturbation Teach Us About Brain Function? Arash Afraz


A series of workshops will be held after the main Cosyne meeting. The goal is to provide an informal forum for the discussion of important research questions and challenges. Controversial issues, open problems, comparisons of competing approaches, and alternative viewpoints are encouraged.

The overarching goal of all workshops should be the integration of empirical and theoretical approaches, in an environment that fosters collegial discussion and debate. Preference will be given to proposals that differ substantially in content, scope, and/or approach from workshops of recent years (examples available below).

Relevant topics include, but are not limited to: sensory processing; motor planning and control; functional neural circuits; motivation, reward and decision making; learning and memory; adaptation and plasticity; neural coding; neural circuitry and network models; and methods in computational or systems neuroscience.

Please note that in an effort to enhance the distinctions between workshops, speakers will be asked to commit to only 1-2 workshops. If need be, workshop chairs will work with overcommitted speakers prior to final workshop acceptances to reduce overlap.



Detailed registration costs, etc, will be available here.

Please note: Cosyne does NOT provide travel funding for workshop speakers. All workshop speakers are expected to pay for workshop registration fees. Participants are encouraged to register early, in order to qualify for discounted registration rates. One complementary (free) organizer registration is provided per workshop. For workshops with 2 organizers, the free registration can be given to one of the organizers or split evenly between them.


Claudia Clopath (Imperial College London) and Robert Froemke (New York University)


cosyne15workshops [at]


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