Cosyne 2017 Workshops

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Cosyne 2017 Workshops will be held on 27 - 28 February 2017 in Snowbird Ski Resort, Snowbird, Utah.

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Cosyne encourages the use of social media before, during, and after the conference, so long as it falls within the following rules:

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27 February 2017 (Day 1)

“Deep learning” and the brain (Day 1): Understanding neural representations with deep neural networks – progress & limitations, Benjamin F. Grewe, Blake Richards, Alex Kell, Amy Christensen, Timothy Lillicrap, Daniel Yamins

Automated Tools for High Dimensional Neuro-Behavioral Analysis (Day 1), Adam Calhoun, Talmo Pereira, Scott Linderman, John Cunningham, Liam Paninski

Computations and neural mechanisms underlying decision commitment, Timothy Hanks

Allocortex: circuits, coding and general principles, Kevin Franks, Alexander Fleischmann

Neural dynamics of learning: bridging experiments and theory, Kishore Kuchibhotla, Srdjan Ostojic

Gamma: fumes or fundamental? Jess Cardin, Vikaas Sohal

Electrons, fluorophores, and nucleotides: bridging the gaps in high-throughput connectomics, Alex Vaughan, Albert Cardona

Joint Modeling of Encoding and Decoding in Specific Sensory-Perceptual Tasks, Johannes Burge

Advances in experimental and theoretical studies of astrocyte-neuron interactions, Klaus Obermayer, James Schummers

28 February 2017 (Day 2)

“Deep learning” and the brain (Day 2): Bridging the gap between learning in biological and deep artificial neural network, Benjamin F. Grewe, Blake Richards, Alex Kell, Amy Christensen, Timothy Lillicrap, Daniel Yamins

Automated Tools for High Dimensional Neuro-Behavioral Analysis (Day 2), Adam Calhoun, Talmo Pereira, Scott Linderman, John Cunningham, Liam Paninski

From perception to valuation: Bridging neuro-computational mechanisms of perceptual and economic decisions, Ian Kraibich, Rafael Polania

Error-based learning in short-term and episodic memory, Dimitris Pinotsis, Deborah Talmi

New Methods for Understanding Neural Dynamics and Computation, Jonathan Pillow, Mikio Aoi, Adam Charles

Neural basis of movement control: towards bridging systems theory, behavior, motor circuits and spike trains, Frederic Crevecoeur

On the dark side - new twists in luminance representation that shed light on the organization of the visual system, Jens Kremkow, Matthias Kaschube

Relevant information: in search of a causal link between neural responses and behavior, Alex Koulakov, Dima Rinberg

Perception and Learning of Temporal Structure in Sensory Streams, Christopher Honey


A series of workshops will be held after the main Cosyne meeting. The goal is to provide an informal forum for the discussion of important research questions and challenges. Controversial issues, open problems, comparisons of competing approaches, and alternative viewpoints are encouraged.

The overarching goal of all workshops should be the integration of empirical and theoretical approaches, in an environment that fosters collegial discussion and debate. Preference will be given to proposals that differ substantially in content, scope, and/or approach from workshops of recent years (examples available below).

Relevant topics include, but are not limited to: sensory processing; motor planning and control; functional neural circuits; motivation, reward and decision making; learning and memory; adaptation and plasticity; neural coding; neural circuitry and network models; and methods in computational or systems neuroscience.

In order to foster discussion within Workshops, organizers should inform invited speakers that a single person should not speak in more than one of the Workshops taking place on the same day.



Detailed registration costs, etc, will be available here.

Please note: Cosyne does NOT provide travel funding for workshop speakers. All workshop speakers are expected to pay for workshop registration fees. Participants are encouraged to register early, in order to qualify for discounted registration rates. One complementary (free) organizer registration is provided per workshop. For workshops with 2 organizers, the free registration can be given to one of the organizers or split evenly between them.


Laura Busse (LMU, Munich) and Alfonso Renart (Champalimaud Center, Lisbon)


cosyne17workshops [at]


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