Cosyne 2008 Workshops

March 3-4, 2008

Snow Bird, Utah

Speaker Name

S. Boker

Talk Title

Dissociating facial appearance and dynamics in real time during natural conversation

Talk Abstract

S. Boker (Univ. of Virginia), J. Cohn (Univ. of Pittsburgh), Barry-John Theobald (University of East Anglia, Norwich), and Iain Matthews (Carnegie Mellon University)

When we speak to one another, we adapt and coordinate our facial expressions in response to our inner states and in response to our perceptions of the person with whom we are speaking. We say we are speaking "with" someone, since this is a shared experience; one that creates an interpersonal coupled system with feedback between the dynamics of the two speakers' perceptions and actions. There is evidence that structural appearance of faces as represented in static photographs and the dynamics of faces may involve separate visual processing. Dissociating the contribution of facial appearance and facial dynamics to the adaptive coupled system involved in conversation requires being able to assign appearance to dynamics in real time. This talk presents a method for assignment of facial appearance to facial dynamics using Active Appearance Models in a way that is sufficiently convincing that naive conversants do not realize that they are speaking with an appearance assigned face and that is sufficiently efficient to be computed within one video frame.

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