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Volunteers are responsible for assisting with on-site questions, check in, poster session set up, nametag generation, on-site registration and session technical assistance.

Main meeting volunteers will work approximately 8-10 two hour shifts throughout the main meeting.

Main meeting AV volunteer. One AV volunteer is needed throughout the conference and assist with sound and computer configuration, Q&A session moderation and other AV related issues as needed during the talks. You will be responsible for attending a meeting with the program chairs and hotel AV representative prior to the start of the conference on Thursday, 01 March 2018 and will be required to sit in every talk session.

Workshop volunteers will work 8-10 one hour shifts throughout the workshops. These shifts will occur when workshops are in session, NOT during the afternoon break.

As we want those who volunteer to be able to attend the majority of the conference, you will be able to request your preferred work times. While these times can not be guaranteed they will be accommodated as best as possible.

Six regular volunteer slots are available for each session, and one slot for the AV volunteer, with a total of 13 slots for the entire conference. Volunteers are only able to work ONE portion of the conference (either main meeting OR workshop) and positions will be filled on a first come first served basis. Volunteers will receive free admittance to the portion of the conference they work. For those planning to attend the full conference, rates are as follows:

Main meeting volunteer attending workshop - $305

Workshop volunteer attending main meeting - $265

Note, however, that Cosyne attendees are only eligible for one discount per registration, therefore, for example, travel grant recipients are not eligible to become volunteers.

Apply for a volunteer position: If would like to assist with Cosyne 2018, please contact Leslie Weekes (leslie.weekes [at] once registration is open.

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