Workshops, Cosyne 2009

March 2-3, 2009

Snow Bird, Utah

Workshop program booklet (PDF)

Day 1 - March 2

  1. Neural variability and movement variability (Mark Churchland)
  2. Eye movements and visual perception (Dario Ringach)
  3. Stochastic methods for the analyses of spike train and field potential data (David Nguyen, Uri Eden)
  4. The consequences of brain rhythms in the organization of neuronal computation (Kai Miller, Thilo Womelsdorf)
  5. The computational role of dopamine (Bruno B. Averbeck, Michael J. Frank)
  6. Calculations for communication: neural coding of songs in the bird brain (Sarah Woolley)

Day 2 - March 3

  1. Dimensionality reduction for multi-channel neural recordings (Byron Yu, John Cunningham)
  2. Common computational principles of attention and decision making; can they account for unexpected observations in parietal cortex? (Anne K. Churchland, Jochen Ditterich, Justin L. Gardner)
  3. Olfactory coding: Many roles of neural plasticity in shaping odor codes (Maxim Bazhenov, Mark Stopfer)
  4. Modulation of cortical responses by behavior and brain state (Robert C. Froemke, Michael DeWeese)
  5. The role(s) of inhibition and excitatory/inhibitory balance in sensory processing (Dan Butts)
  6. The role of spatial context in biological and computational vision (Odelia Schwartz & Ruben Coen Cagli)
  7. Prefrontal contributions to visual perception (Hakwan Lau)

General workshop information

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