Cosyne 2007 Main Meeting

22 February  
4:00 PM Registration desk opens
6:00 Welcome reception, cocktails and buffet
7:30 Opening remarks
7:45 Hippocampal-neocortical interactions, up-states, and fast-forward replay of neocortical memory episodes,   Bruce McNaughton (invited)
8:45-11:30 Poster session I
23 February  
8:30-12:00 Cerebellar motor learning: From behavioral studies to system biology model of LTD,  Mitsuo Kawato (invited) [Cancelled]
  Motor learning with unstable neural representations,  Uri Rokni, Andrew Richardson, Emilio Bizzi, Sebastian Seung
  Sleep and learning,  Daniel Margoliash (invited)
  Spike latencies in retinal ganglion cells encode spatial image details,  Tim Gollisch, Markus Meister
  Neural coding of natural signals: Theory, computation, and data,  Michael Lewicki (invited)
  Bayesian inference underlies contraction bias,  Paymon Hosseini, Yonatan Loewenstein
2:00-4:50 Dendritic arithmetic: Some new twists and curves,  Bartlett Mel (invited)
  Small fields change spike timing: A functional role of local-field potentials?,  Yuzhuo Su, Thomas Radman, Marom Bikson, Lucas Parra
  Cerebellar glomeruli: Can limited extracellular calcium propagate information among distant synapses?,  David Eagleman, Olivier Coenen, Vladimir Mitsner, Thomas Bartol, Terrence Sejnowski
  Testing hypotheses about computation and coding in the visual system,  Sheila Nirenberg (invited)
  A model of temporal integration during electrical stimulation of the human retina,  Alan Horsager, Scott Greenwald, Geoff Boynton, Mark Humayun, Robert Greenberg, James Weiland, Matthew McMahon, Ione Fine
4:50-5:10 Spotlight presentations:
  Learning sparse and invariant features hierarchies,  Marc'Aurelio Ranzato, Y-Lan Boureau, Fu Jie Huang, Yann LeCun
  Perceptual learning as improved Bayesian inference in early sensory areas,  Vikranth Bejjanki, Wei Ji Ma, Jeffrey Beck, Alexandre Pouget
  Are cortical networks balanced?,  John Hertz
  Population coding of song element sequence in the songbird brain nucleus HVC,  Jun Nishikawa, Masato Okada, Kazuo Okanoya
  Chromatic statistics and information in natural images,  Patrick Garrigan, Charles Ratliff, Peter Sterling, David Brainard, Vijay Balasubramanian
7:30-11:30 Poster session II
24 February  
8:30-12:00 A bottom up visual saliency map in the primary visual cortex: Theory and its experimental tests,  Li Zhaoping (invited)
  Equalization of ocular dominance columns induced by an activity dependent learning rule and the maturation of inhibition,  Taro Toyoizumi, Kenneth Miller
  How thalamic circuits change visual signals en route from retina to cortex,  Judith Hirsch (invited)
  Retinal oscillations carry visual information to cortex,  Kilian Koepsell, Xin Wang, Yichun Wei, Qingbo Wang, Vishal Vaingankar, Judith Hirsch, Friedrich Sommer
  Coding 3D by 3V: How sensor motion constrains sensory coding,  Ehud Ahissar (invited)
  From spikes to space: Reconstructing features of the environment from spikes alone,  Vladimir Itskov, Carina Curto
2:00-4:50 On the agnosticism of spikes: Saccades, salience, and attention in LIP,  Michael Goldberg (invited)
  Medial prefrontal cortex and the temporal control of action,  Mark Laubach, Nandakumar Narayanan
  Hemodynamic correlates of a perceptual decision,  Mehrdad Jazayeri, Justin Gardner, David Heeger
  Planning and decision-making in parieto-frontal circuits,  Richard Andersen (invited)
  Neural correlates of tactile detection: Combined MEG and biophysically based computational modeling,  Stephanie Jones, Dominique Pritchett, Steven Stufflebeam, Matti Hämäläinen, Christopher Moore
4:50-5:10 Spotlight presentations:
  On the origin of the cortical architecture,  Dario Ringach
  Optimal learning: A route to depression?,  Quentin Huys, Peter Dayan
  Experience-dependent dynamics of spatio-temporal precision and synchrony in place cells,  Sen Cheng, Loren Frank
  Two-color, bi-directional optical voltage control of genetically-targeted neurons,  Edward Boyden, Xue Han
  Maximum entropy modeling of multi-neuron firing patterns in V1,  Ifije Ohiorhenuan, Jonathan Victor
7:30-11:30 Poster session III
25 February  
8:30-11:50 Mechanisms of learning and attention in the auditory system of the barn owl,  Eric Knudsen (invited)
  Spikes in the auditory forebrain: Surprise, not intensity,  Patrick Gill, Frederic Theunissen
  Spike timing-dependent plasticity and the didactic reorganization of cortical receptive fields,  Joshua Young, Wioletta Waleszczyk, Chun Wang, Mike Calford, Bogdan Dreher, Klaus Obermayer
  Unraveling fine-scale and cell-type specificity of cortical circuits,  Ed Callaway (invited)
  Functional constraints do not cause observed correlations between maximal conductances in an identified neuron,  Adam Taylor, Eve Marder
  Synchronized excitation and inhibition during spontaneous and evoked response in the barrel cortex,  Michael Okun, Ilan Lampl
2:00-4:00 A neural mechanism for decision-making, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bound,  Michael Shadlen (invited)
  Role of serotonin in delayed reward choice in humans,  Nicolas Schweighofer, Saori Tanaka, Kazuhiro Shishida, Mathieu Bertin, Cheol Han, Yasumasa Okamoto, Shigeto Yamawaki, Kenji Doya
  Credit assignment with Bayesian reward estimation,  Constantin Rothkopf, Dana Ballard
  Just decide: Computational studies of intertemporal choice in humans and monkeys,  Paul Glimcher (invited)

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