Cosyne 2005 Workshops

March 21-22, 2005

Snowbird, Utah

Workshop format

Workshops provide an opportunity to discuss certain topics in depth in relatively small groups (typically 10-50). Eleven workshops will be at the Snowbird ski resort over two days. Most workshops are one-day events, so there will be about six workshops running in parallel per day. Workshops usually consist of two sessions (e.g. 7-10 AM; 4-7 PM), separated by a break for (10 AM - 4 PM) for informal discussions on and off the ski slopes.

Note on Main Conference Abstracts and Workshop Presentations

Workshop speakers do NOT need to submit abstracts to the main conference if they are only presenting at a workshop. However, you are welcome to submit abstracts for consideration as a talk or a poster at the main conference IN ADDITION TO your workshop talk. Indeed, because of the different format and audience, the presentations would inevitably be different, so overlapping topics would be OK.

Regarding the special issue of Nature Neuroscience, only abstracts submitted to the main conference are currently slated for consideration. It's possible that this may be extended to the workshops on an ad hoc basis, but since there is no written record of workshop presentations, and since about a half-dozen workshops will be held in parallel, it seems unlikely that all workshops will receive full consideration. Therefore, if you would like to increase the chances that your presentation will be considered for the special issue, it would be best to submit an abstract to the main conference.

Workshop list

Monday, March 21

  1. Quantitative Approaches to Central Auditory Processing (Day 1)
  2. Invariant Representations in Vision
  3. Active sensation - implications for sensory processing
  4. What computations can a single neuron perform?
  5. Emerging Directions in Cortical Brain-Machine Interfaces for Control
  6. Neural correlations: Information coding and computation

Tuesday, March 22

  1. Auditory Processing: Localization and Separation
  2. Quantitative Approaches to Central Auditory Processing (Day 2)
  3. Bayesian approaches to sensory and motor processing
  4. Computational Perspectives on Neural Oscillations
  5. New Approaches to Characterizing Neural Responses
  6. Computational Olfaction: behavior, networks, neurons

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