Cosyne Main Meeting Program

Note: The main meeting program listed below pertains to the 2016 conference; revised information for the 2017 conference will be posted here in January 2017.

Information for presenters

Thursday February 25

4.00p Registration opens

5.00p Welcome reception

5.45p Opening remarks

Session 1: Engineering neural circuits

Chairs: Megan Carey, Emilio Salinas

6.00p What it means to build a large-scale brain circuit model: a function-based approach. Xiao-Jing Wang, New York University (invited)

6.45p Engineering neural-ish systems. Blaise Aguera y Arcas, Google (invited)

8.00p Poster Session 1

Friday February 26

Session 2: Memory and temporal integration

8.30a Microcircuits for memory storage and neural integration. Mark Goldman, University of California, Davis (invited)

9.15a Circuit principles of memory-based behavioral choice. M. Zlatic, K. Eichler, F. Li, C. Eschbach, A. Fushiki, J. Truman, B. Gerber, A. Samuel, M. Gershow, A. Cardona, A. Thum, Janelia Farm Research Campus

9.30a Midbrain dopamine neurons directly modulate duration judgments. S. Soares, B. Atallah, A. Braga, T. Gouvea, T. Monteiro, J. Paton, Champalimaud Research

9.45a Neural integration underlying a time-compensated sun compass in the Monarch butterfly. E. Shlizerman, University of Washington

10.00a Coffee break

Session 3: Network dynamics

10.30a Efficient coding of a dynamic trajectory predicts non-uniform allocation of grid cells to modules. N. Weiss Mosheiff, H. Agmon, A. Moriel, Y. Burak, Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University

10.45a Slow adaptation facilitates excitation-inhibition balance in the presence of structural heterogeneity. I. Landau, R. Egger, V. J. Dercksen, M. Oberlaneder, H. Sompolinsky, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

11.00a Efficient signal processing in random networks that generate variability. S. Dasgupta, I. Nishikawa, K. Aihara, T. Toyoizumi, RIKEN Brain Science Institute

11.15a Long-term stability in behaviorally relevant neural circuit dynamics. A. Dhawale, R. Poddar, E. Kopelowitz, V. Normand, S. Wolff, B. Olveczky, Harvard University

11.30a Stability and drift of motor sequencing in the songbird HVC. W. Liberti, J. Markowitz, D. Leman, D. Liberti, L. N. Perkins, C. Lois, D. Kotton, T. Gardner, Boston University

11.45p Lunch break

Session 4: Human computation

2.00p Combinatorial representations and symbolic computation with distributed neural activation patterns. Paul Smolensky, Johns Hopkins University (invited)

2.45p Optimal synaptic strategies for different timescales of memory. S. Lahiri, S. Ganguli, Stanford University

3.00p Functional Organization of Human Auditory Speech Cortex. Edward Chang, University of California, San Francisco (invited)

3.45p Coffee break

Session 5: Dissecting cortical circuits

4.15p Understanding early vision through the lens of prediction. Stephanie Palmer, University of Chicago (invited)

5.00p Transient competitive amplification during states of cortical activation. J. Bourg, N. Vasconcelos, P. Bartho, A. Renart, Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme

5.15p Inhibitory control of correlated cortical variability. C. Stringer, M. Okun, P. Bartho, K. Harris, M. Sahani, P. Latham, N. Lesica, M. Pachitariu, Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, UCL

5.30p Dinner break

5.30p-7.30p Connectivity Social (Deer Valley Meeting Room), organized by Neuroscience Initiative at the University of Utah

5.30p-7.30p Simons Foundation Social (Trofi Restaurant and Bar). Register here.

7.30p Poster Session 2

Saturday February 27

Session 6: Visual processing

8.30a Neural computations underlying perception of depth from motion. Greg DeAngelis, University of Rochester (invited)

9.15a Bayesian multisensory integration by dendrites. J. Sacramento, W. Senn, Department of Physiology, University of Bern

9.30a Functional clustering of synaptic inputs in primary visual cortex. D. Wilson, D. Whitney, B. Scholl, D. Fitzpatrick, Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience

9.45a The role of target selective descending neurons in dragonfly prey selection during free behavior. H. Lin, A. Leonardo, Janelia Farm Research Campus

10.00a Coffee break

Session 7: Sensorimotor integration

10.30a Singing on the Fly: Sensorimotor Integration and Acoustic Communication in Drosophila. Mala Murthy, Princeton University (invited)

11.15a Corollary discharge mediates sensorimotor integration in a C. elegans neural circuit for thermotaxis. N. Ji, V. Venkatachalam, M. Lim, T. Kawano, C. Clark, H. Rogers, M. Alkema, M. Zhen, A.Samuel, Harvard University

11.30a CA1 firing fields represent an abstract coordinate during non-spatial navigation. D. Aronov, R. Nevers, D. W. Tank, Princeton University

11.45p Lunch break

12.00p-1.45p Women at Cosyne Luncheon (Deer Valley Meeting Room)

Session 8: Attention and action selection

2.00p Attention and early vision, Marisa Carrasco, New York University (invited)

2.45p Exploration flattens prefrontal target selectivity, enhances learning in network states and behavior. B. Ebitz, E. Albarran, T. Moore, Princeton University

3.00p Postponement of evidence accumulation in area LIP until action-selection is possible. S. Shushruth, M. Shadlen, HHMI

3.15p History-dependent variability in population dynamics during evidence accumulation in cortex. A. Morcos, C. D. Harvey, Harvard Medical School

3.30p Normalization and urgency cooperate in optimal multi-alternative decisions. S. Tajima, D. Robles Llana, J. Drugowitsch, A. Pouget, University of Geneva

3.45p Coffee break

Session 9: Motor control

4.15p Encoding of action by Purkinje cells of the cerebellum. Reza Shadmehr, Johns Hopkins University (invited)

5.00p Optogenetic dissection of descending behavioral control in Drosophila. J. Cande, G. J. Berman, S. Namiki, W. Korff, G. Card, J. Shaevitz, D. Stern, Janelia Farm Research Campus

5.15p Muscle and kinematic representations for arm and BMI control exist in orthogonal subspaces. H. Lalazar, L. Abbott, E. Vaadia, Center for Theoretical Neuroscience

5.30p Dinner break

7.30p Poster Session 3

Sunday February 28

Session 10: Great expectations

8.30a Mental Illness as a deficit in probabilistic inference. Peggy Series, University of Edinburgh (invited)

9.15a A dynamic Bayesian observer model reveals origins of bias and variability in path integration. K. J. Lakshminarasimhan, M. Petsalis, G. DeAngelis, X. Pitkow, D. Angelaki, Baylor College of Medicine

9.30a Noise correlations support a feedback model of motion prediction in V1. T. Hartmann, R. Born, Harvard Medical School

9.45a Temporal expectations in reward prediction: “what” and “when” computations in the basal ganglia. A. Langdon, Y. Takahashi, G. Schoenbaum, Y. Niv, Princeton University

10.00a Coffee break

Session 11: Generating perceptions

10.30a Solving the stimulus-percept problem for olfaction. Leslie Vosshall, Rockefeller University (invited)

11.15a A computational role for cortical feedback in odor detection from complex scenes. G. Otazu, P. Masset, D. F. Albeanu, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

11.30a In vivo characterization of synaptic reliability at the thalamocortical synapse of cat V1m. Sedigh-Sarvestani, M. M. Taylor, L. A. Palmer, D. Contreras, University of Pennsylvania

11.45p Lunch break

Session 12: Neural control of behavior

2.00p A synaptic and circuit switch for control of flexible behavior. K. Kuchibhotla, J. Gill, E. Papadoyannis, T. Hindmarsh Sten, R. Froemke, New York University

2.15p Ring attractor dynamics in the Drosophila central brain. S. S. Kim, H. Rouault, J. Seelig, S. Druckmann, V. Jayaraman, Janelia Farm Research Campus

2.30p Neural ensemble dynamics underlying a long-term associative fear memory. B. Grewe, J. Gruendemann, J. Marshall, J. Parker, J. Z. Li, A. Luethi, M. Schnitzer, Stanford University

2.45p Motor circuits for listening and learning. Richard Mooney, Duke University (invited)

3.30p Closing remarks

4.00-5.00p Free shuttles from the Marriott Downtown to Snowbird will be provided for registered attendees

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