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Thursday March 5

4.00p Registration opens

5.00p Welcome reception

6.00p Opening remarks

Session 1

Session chairs: Maria Geffen and Konrad Kording
6.30p Invited talk: Florian Engert (Harvard), A sensory motor circuit for binocular motion integration in larval zebrafish

7:30p Poster Session 1

Friday March 6

Session 2

Session chair: Xaq Pitkow
8.30a Invited talk: Marla Feller (UC Berkeley), The development and function of direction selective circuits in the retina

9.15a Aman Saleem (UCL), Spatial decisions in the hippocampus

9.30a Lacey Kitch (Stanford), Calcium imaging in behaving mice reveals changes in hippocampal codes accompanying spatial learning

9.45a Niklas Wilming (U Osnabrueck), Grid Cells Reflect The Locus Of Attention, Even In The Absence Of Movement

10.00a Ngoc Tran (UTAustin), An efficient grid cell decoder: are super-polynomial codes neurally plausible?

10.15a Coffee Break

Session 3

Session chair: Damon Clark
10.45a Invited talk: Shawn Lockery (U Oregon), Neuronal and theoretical analysis of random walks in C. elegans foraging behaviors

11.30a Saul Kato (Institute of Molecular Pathology), Whole-brain imaging yields an embedding of the behavioral graph in neural activity space

11.45a Timothy Dunn (Harvard U, Janelia Farm), A neural basis for the patterning of spontaneous behavior in larval zebrafish

Session 4

Session chair: Srini Turaga
2.00p Invited talk: Liam Paninski (Columbia), Challenges and opportunities in statistical neuroscience

2.45p Luigi Acerbi (NYU), The limits of Bayesian causal inference in multisensory perception

3.00p S Thomas Christie (U Minnesota), Cognitive cost as optimal control of metabolic resources

3.15p Daniel Yamins (MIT), Using speech-optimized convolutional neural networks to understand auditory cortex

3.30p Coffee break

Session 5

Session chair: Kenway Louie
4.00p Invited talk: Emo Todorov (University of Washington), Synthesis of contact-rich behaviors with optimal control

4.45p Thiago Gouvea (Champalimaud), Striatal dynamics explain duration judgments

5.00p Radoslaw Cichy (MIT), Human visual representations are predicted in space and time by convolutional neural networks

5.15p Elias Issa (MIT), Evidence that the ventral stream uses gradient coding to perform hierarchical inference

5.30p Dinner break

5.30p - 7.00p Reception: Simons Collaboration on the Global Brain

7.30p Poster Session 2

Saturday March 7

Session 6

Session chair: Johannes Burge
8.30a Invited talk: Matteo Carandini (UCL), From neurons to populations in visual cortex

9.15a Ian Nauhaus (UT Austin), Efficient receptive field tiling in primate V1

9.30a Fitz Sturgill (UCSD), Addition by division: a recurrent circuit explains cortical odor response regulation by SOM cells

9.45a Douglas Ruff (U Pittsburgh), Correlative and causal evidence that attention improves communication between cortical areas

10.00a Coffee break

Session 7

Session chair: Brent Doiron
10.30a Invited talk: Tatyana Sharpee (Salk), Edge of stability in the hierarchy of neuronal types

11.15a Jakob Voigts (MIT), Stimulus driven inhibition by layer 6 underlies the neocortical processing of sensory change

11.30a Simon Peron (Janelia), Interdigitated functional subnetworks in somatosensory cortex during active tactile behavior

11.45a Kelly Zalocusky (Stanford), Optogenetic investigation of dopamine D2 receptor signaling and loss-sensitivity in a model of problem gambling

12.00p-2.00p Women at Cosyne reception, Hosts: Maria Geffen and Stephanie Palmer.

Session 8

Session chair: Long Ding
2.00p Invited talk: Nicole Rust (UPenn), High-level representations arise from low-level computations during target search
2.45p Kenwway Louie (NYU), Characteristic dynamics of value coding in normalizing decision circuits

3.00p James Jeanne (HarvardU), A multi-layered olfactory population code enhances odor detection speed

3.15p Ronald van den Berg (U Cambridge), A common mechanism underlies changes of mind about decisions and confidence

3.30p Chunyu Duan (Princeton), Prefrontal and midbrain contributions to fast executive control in the rat

3.45p Coffee break

4.15p Invited talk: Eitan Globerson (Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance & Bar Ilan University), Google Lecture

5.30p Dinner break

7.30p Poster Session 3

Sunday March 8

Session 9

Session chair: David Schneider
8.30a Invited talk: Amy Bastian (Johns Hopkins), Learning and relearning movement

9.15a Marius Pachitariu (UCL), Single-trial motor and cortical variability are tightly and bi-directionally coupled

9.30a Alon Rubin (Weizman), Neural network model of 3D head-direction tuning in bats

9.45a Vikram Gadagkar (Cornell U), Zebra finch ventral tegmental area neurons encode song prediction error

10.00a Coffee break

Session 10

Session chair: Tatjana Tchumatchenko
10.30a Invited talk: Sophie Deneve (ENS), Turning the table on population coding: The balance is the key

11.15a Peter Latham (UCL), Synapses represent and exploit estimates of uncertainty in their synaptic weight

11.30a Marcus Benna (Columbia U), Complex synapses as efficient memory systems

11.45a Helen Barron (UCL), Selective rebalancing of cortical associations in humans via inhibitory plasticity.

Session 11

Session chair: Dan Butts
2.00p Invited talk: Wulfram Gerstner (EPFL), Modeling synaptic plasticity: From synapses to function

2.45p Yan Wu (U Cambridge), Sparse distributed population codes of context support sequence disambiguation

3.00p Matthias Kaschube (FIAS), Early cortical spontaneous activity provides a scaffold for constructing sensory representations

3.15p Closing remarks

4.00-5.00p Free shuttles from the Hilton City Center to Snowbird will be provided for registered attendees

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