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Note: The program information listed below pertains to the 2014 conference; the main meeting program for the 2015 conference will be posted here in January 2015.

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Information for presenters

Thursday February 27

4:00p Registration opens

5:30p Welcome reception

6:20p Opening remarks

Session 1: Keynote

Session chair: Michael Long

6:30p Thomas Jessell, "Circuits and strategies for skilled reach: From internal copies to gain control"

7:30p Poster Session 1

Friday February 28

7:30a Continental breakfast

Session 2: Circuits I: From wiring to function

Session chair: Claudia Clopath

8:30a INVITED TALK: Thomas Mrsic-Flogel, "The functional organisation of synaptic connectivity in visual cortical microcircuits"

9:15a Carlos Stein Naves de Brito, Wulfram Gerstner, "A unifying theory of receptive field formation"

9:30a Joseph Makin, Benjamin Dichter, Philip Sabes, "Learning to track moving stimuli with population codes"

9:45a Damon Clark, Rudy Behnia, Thomas Clandinin, Claude Desplan, "Processing properties of medulla neurons define neural substrates of motion detection in Drosophila"

10:00a Coffee break

Session 3: Circuits II: Population recording

Session chair: Gasper Tkacik

10:30a INVITED TALK: Elad Schneidman, "Words, metrics, and a thesaurus for a neural population code"

11:15a Peiran Gao, Eric Trautmann, Byron Yu, Gopal Santhanam, Stephen Ryu, Krishna Shenoy, Surya Ganguli, "A theory of neural dimensionality and measurement"

11:30a Jeremy Freeman, Nikita Vladimirov, Takashi Kawashima, Yu Mu, Davis V Bennett, Josh Rosen, Chao-Tsung Yang, Logan Looger, Misha Ahrens, "Mapping the brain at scale"

11:45a Saul Kato, Tina Schroedel, Harris Kaplan, Manuel Zimmer, "Whole-brain imaging of a stereotypic nervous system reveals temporal coordination of global activity"

12:00p Lunch break

Session 4: Circuits III: Network models

Session chair: Brent Doiron

2:00p Sean Escola, L.F. Abbott, "Self-monitoring of network activity in multi-state recurrent neural networks"

2:15p Cristina Savin, Sophie Deneve, "The uncertain spike: a new spike-based code for probabilistic computation"

2:30p Srdjan Ostojic, "Two types of asynchronous activity in networks of excitatory and inhibitory spiking neurons"

2:45p Sukbin Lim, Mark Goldman, "Balanced cortical microcircuitry for spatial working memory based on corrective feedback control"

3:00p Julijana Gjorgjieva, Rebecca Mease, William Moody, Adrienne Fairhall, "Intrinsic neuronal properties switch the mode of information transmission in networks"

3:15p Coffee break

Session 5: Navigation: From phenomenon to mechanism

Session chair: Stephanie Palmer

3:45p INVITED TALK: Nachum Ulanovsky, "Neural codes for 2-D and 3-D space in the hippocampal formation of bats"

4:30p INVITED TALK: Jeffrey Magee, "Nonlinear input integration in cortical pyramidal neurons during behavior"

5:15p Patrick Kaifosh, Jeffrey Zaremba, Nathan Danielson, Attila Losonczy, "A compartment-specific synaptic integration and plasticity model for hippocampal memory"

5:30p Dinner break

7:30p Poster Session 2

Saturday March 1

7:30a Continental breakfast

Session 6: Behavior I: dissecting innate movement

Session chair: Vivek Jayaraman

8:30a INVITED TALK: Hopi Hoekstra, "Digging for genes that contribute to behavioral evolution"

9:15a Gordon Berman, Daniel Choi, Ugne Klibaite, William Bialek, Joshua Shaevitz, "Stereotypy and the structure of behavioral space"

9:30a Ilya Nemenman, Konstantine Palanski, Frederic Bartumeus, William Ryu, "Measuring and modeling the dynamics of the thermal memory of C. elegans"

9:45a Matthieu Louis, Alex Gomez-Marin, Aljoscha Schulze, Vani Rajendran, Gus Lott, Marco Musy, James Sharpe, Madhu Venkadesan, Parvez Ahammad, Shaul Druckmann, Vivek Jayaraman, "A quantitative model for the sensorimotor integration underlying chemotaxis in the Drosophila larva"

10:00a Coffee break

Session 7: Behavior 2: motor learning

Session chair: Samuel Sober

10:30a INVITED TALK: Rui Costa, "Generating and shaping novel action repertoires"

11:15a Subhaneil Lahiri, T.D. Barbara Nguyen-Vu, Grace Q. Zhao, Aparna Suvrathan, Han-Mi Lee, Surya Ganguli, Carla J. Shatz, Jennifer L. Raymond, "Modeling enhanced and impaired learning with enhanced plasticity"

11:30a Patrick Sadtler, Kristin Quick, Matt Golub, Stephen Ryu, Byron Yu, Aaron Batista, "Neural constraints on learning"

11:45a Lunch break

Session 8: Behavior III: motor performance

Session chair: Leslie Osborne

2:00p INVITED TALK: John Krakauer, "Some new thoughts about planning, learning and skill in the motor domain"

2:45p J. S. Seely, M. T. Kaufman, C. J. Cueva, L. Paninski, K. V. Shenoy, M. M. Churchland, "State-space models for cortical-muscle transformations"

3:00p Jeffrey Markowitz, Yoonseob Lim, Grigori Guitchounts, Timothy Gardner, "Spatial organization of synchronous cell assemblies in HVC"

3:15p Coffee break

Session 9: Reward: learning and prediction

Session chair: Kenway Louie

3:45p INVITED TALK: Yael Niv, "Learning task representations for reinforcement learning"

4:30p Neir Eshel, Ju Tian, Naoshige Uchida, "Arithmetic of dopamine prediction errors: subtraction with scaled inhibition"

4:45p Balazs Hangya, Sachin Ranade, Adam Kepecs, "Nucleus basalis cholinergic neurons broadcast precisely timed reinforcement signals"

5:00p Keren Haroush, Ziv Williams, "Neural activity predicts social interaction decisions during prisoner's dilemma games in primates"

5:15p Dinner break

7:30p Poster Session 3

Sunday March 2

7:30a Continental breakfast

Session 10: Decision making

Session chair: David Freedman

8:30a INVITED TALK: Anne Churchland, "A multisensory decision task exposes mixed selectivity in posterior parietal cortex"

9:15a Jacob Yates, Leor Katz, Il Memming Park, Jonathan Pillow, Alexander Huk, "Dissociated functional significance of choice-related activity across the primate dorsal stream"

9:30a Alexandra Smolyanskaya, Stephen Lomber, Richard Born, "Task specific feedforward component of choice-related activity in MT"

9:45a INVITED TALK: Joshua Gold, "Adaptive decision-making in a dynamic world"

10:30a Coffee break

Session 11: Modulation: (dis)engaging sensory processing

Session chair: Adam Kepecs

11:00a Siyu Zhang, Min Xu, Tsukasa Kamigaki, Sean Jenvay, Yang Dan, "Long-Range and Local Circuits for Top-Down Modulation of Visual Cortical Processing"

11:15a David Schneider, Anders Nelson, Richard Mooney, "Cortical modulation of synaptic dynamics and sensory responses in auditory cortex during movement"

11:30a Ryan Natan, Laetitia Mwilambwe-Tshilobo, Maria Geffen, "The role of local inhibitory interneurons in stimulus-specific adaptation in primary auditory cortex"

11:45a Laura Lewis, Jakob Voigts, Francisco Flores, Matthew Wilson, Michael Halassa, Emery Brown, "Thalamic reticular nucleus controls arousal through modulation of local thalamocortical dynamics"

12:00p Lunch break

Session 12: Perception

Session chair: Justin Gardner

2:00p Scott Cheng-Hsin Yang, Mate Lengyel, Daniel Wolpert, "Bayesian active sensing in the categorization of visual patterns"

2:15p Hannes P Saal, Justin D Lieber, Alison I Weber, and Sliman J. Bensmaia , "Both spatial and temporal codes shape texture perception"

2:30p INVITED TALK: Doris Tsao, "The macaque face processing system"

3:15p Closing remarks

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