Main Meeting Program
Note: The program information listed below pertains to the 2013 conference; the main meeting program for the 2014 conference will be posted here in January 2014.

Information for presenters

Thursday February 28

4:00p Registration opens

5:30p Welcome reception

6:20p Opening remarks

Session 1: Keynote

Session chair: Peter Latham

6:30p William Bialek, "Are we asking the right questions?"

7:30p Poster Session 1

Friday March 1

Session1: Circuits

Session chair: Garrett Stanley

8:30a INVITED TALK: Eve Marder, "The Impact of Degeneracy on System Robustness"

9:15a Mark Histed, John Maunsell, “The cortical network can sum inputs linearly to guide behavioral decisions”

9:30a Christine Constantinople, Randy Bruno, “Thalamic drive of deep cortical layers”

9:45a Misha Ahrens, Kuo-Hua Huang, Drew Robson, Jennifer Li, Michael Orger, Alexander Schier, Ruben Portugues, Florian Engert, “Whole-brain neuronal dynamics during virtual navigation and motor learning in zebrafish”

10:00a Coffee break

Session 2: Vision

Session chair: Emilio Salinas

10:30a Limor Freifeld, Damon Clark, Helen Yang, Mark Horowitz, Thomas Clandinin, “Lateral Interactions Tune the Early Stages of Visual Processing in Drosophila”

10:45a Matjaz Jogan, Alan Stocker, “Visual speed information is optimally combined across different spatiotemporal frequency channels”

11:00a Charles Cadieu, Elias Issa, James DiCarlo, “A neural encoding model of area PL, the earliest face selective region in monkey IT”

11:15a Charles Hass, Juan Angueyra, Zachary Lindbloom-Brown, Fred Rieke, Gregory Horwitz, “Chromatic detection from cone photoreceptors to individual V1 neurons to behavior in rhesus monkeys”

11:30a Ruben Coen-Cagli, Odelia Schwartz, “The impact on mid-level vision of statistically optimal V1 surround normalization”

11:45a Arnulf Graf, Richard Andersen, ”Learning to infer eye movement plans from populations of intraparietal neurons”

12:00p Lunch break

Session 3: Audition

Session chair: Bruno Averbeck

2:00p INVITED TALK: Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, “Peripheral and central contributions to auditory attention”

2:45p Gabriela Mochol, Shuzo Sakata, Alfonso Renart, Liad Hollender, Kenneth Harris, Jaime de la Rocha, “The dynamics of auditory-evoked response variability and co-variability across different brain state”

3:00p Petr Znamenskiy, Qiaojie Xiong, Anthony Zador, “Stimulus-response associations shape corticostriatal connections in an auditory discrimination task”

3:15p Robert Guetig, “Self-supervised neuronal processing of continuous sensory streams”

3:30p Coffee break

Session 4: Sensory processing

Session chair: Maria Geffen

4:00p INVITED TALK: Yves Fregnac, “Hidden complexity in visual cortical receptive fields”

4:45p Stephanie Jones, Christopher Moore, “A proposed role for non-lemniscal thalamus in cortical beta rhythms: from mechanism to meaning”

5:00p Matthew Smear, Dmitry Rinberg, Admir Resulaj, Jingji Zhang, Thomas Bozza, “Multiple perceptible signals from a single olfactory glomerulus”

5:15p Dinner break

7:30p Poster Session 2

Saturday March 2

Session 1: Coding/computation

Session chair: Matthias Bethge

8:30a INVITED TALK: Ila Fiete, “Evidence of a new (exponentially strong) class of population codes in the brain”

9:15a Balazs Ujfalussy, Mate Lengyel, “Feed-forward inhibition in hippocampal microcircuits: adaptation to spike-based computation”

9:30a Guillaume Lajoie, Kevin K. Lin, Eric Shea-Brown, “Structured chaos and spike responses in stimulus-driven networks”

9:45a Mathieu Schiess, Robert Urbanczik, Walter Senn, “Triple-spike-dependent synaptic plasticity in active dendrites implements error-backpropagation”

10:00a Coffee break

Session 2: Coding/computation

Session chair: Surya Ganguli

10:30a INVITED TALK: Terry Sejnowski, “Suspicious Coincidences in the brain: beyond the blue brain”

11:15a Cheng-Hang Liu, “Conditioned interval timing in V1 by optogenetically hijacking basal forebrain inputs”

11:30a Eftychios Pnevmatikakis, Timothy Machado, Logan Grosenick, Ben Poole, Joshua Vogelstein, Liam Paninski, “Rank-penalized nonnegative spatiotemporal deconvolution and demixing of calcium imaging data”

11:45a Ann Kennedy, Gregory Wayne, Patrick Kaifosh, Karina Alvina, Larry Abbott, Nathaniel B. Sawtell, “Temporal basis for predicting sensory consequences of motor commands in a cerebellum-like structure”

12:00p Lunch break

Session 3: Decision making

Session chair: Wei Ji Ma

2:00p INVITED TALK: Carlos Brody, “Neural substrates of decision-making in the rat”

2:45p Kenway Louie, Mel Win Khaw, Paul Glimcher, “Neural variability and normalization drive biphasic context-dependence in decision-making”

3:00p Nestor Parga, Federico Carnevale, Victor de Lafuente, Ranulfo Romo, “On the role of neural correlations in decision-making tasks”

3:15p Emilio Salinas, Gabriela Costello, Dantong Zhu, Terrence Stanford, “Saccadic Choices without Attentional Selection during an Urgent-Decision Task”

3:30p Coffee break

Session 4: Networks

Session chair: Jeff Beck

4:00p INVITED TALK: Kwabena Boahen, “Neurogrid: A hybrid analog-digital platform for simulating large-scale neural models”

4:45p Ralph Bourdoukan, David Barrett, Christian Machens, Sophie Deneve, “Spiking Networks Learning to Balance Excitation and Inhibition Develop an Optimal Representation”

5:00p Ashok Litwin-Kumar, Brent Doiron, “Formation and maintenance of multistability in clustered, balanced neuronal networks”

5:15p Dinner break

7:30p Poster Session 3

Sunday March 3

Session 1: Learning/decision-making

Session chair: Máté Lengyel

8:30a INVITED TALK: Paul Schrater, “Learning worth in an uncertain world: Probabilistic models of value"

9:15a Mel Win Khaw, Nathaniel Daw, “Evidence for Decision by Sampling in Reinforcement Learning”

9:30a Jan Drugowitsch, Valentin Wyart, Etienne Koechlin, “Inference rather than selection noise explains behavioral variability in perceptual decision-making”

9:45a Daniel Acuna, Max Berniker, Hugo Fernandes, Konrad Kording, “An investigation of how prior beliefs influence decision-making under uncertainty in a 2AFC task”

10:00a Coffee break

Session 2: Behavior/motor

Session chair: Misha Ahrens

10:30a INVITED TALK: Deborah Gordon, “Collective regulation in ant colonies”

11:15a Philip N. Sabes, “On the duality of motor cortex: movement representation and dynamical machine”

11:30a Richard Hahnloser, Nicolas Giret, Jorgen Kornfeld, Surya Ganguli, “Evidence for a causal inverse model in an avian song learning circuit”

11:45a Cengiz Pehlevan, Farhan Ali, Timothy M. Otchy, Bence Olveczky, “A network model for learning motor timing in songbirds”

12:00p Lunch break

Session 3: Neurons, stimuli, and perception

Session chair: Marlene Cohen

2:00p Ari Rosenberg, Dora Angelaki, “Neural correlates of visual orientation constancy”

2:15p INVITED TALK: Tony Movshon, “Functional models and functional organisms for systems neuroscience”

3:00p Closing remarks

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