Cosyne 2008 Workshops

March 3-4, 2008

Snow Bird, Utah

Workshop Title

Dynamic faces: From experiments to novel computational neural theories


Cristóbal Curio (Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics):
Heinrich H. Buelthoff (Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics)
Martin A. Giese (University of Bangor & University Clinic Tuebingen)


Research on the neural encoding of faces in visual cortex, so far, has predominantly focused on the recognition of static faces. In spite of their high relevance of emotional and social interaction, only few results on the neural mechanisms of the processing of temporally changing dynamic faces exist. Specifically, almost no physiologically plausible neural theories of the recognition of dynamically changing faces have been developed. The workshop aims at presenting an overview of the state of art in multiple relevant fields that might serve as starting point for the development of neural theories for the processing of dynamic faces.

The workshop will combine contributions from multiple fields, aiming at establishing a dialogue between different research areas that can contribute to the development of physiologically founded neural theories of dynamic face processing, including:

  1. Electrophysiology
  2. Psychophysics
  3. Computational modeling and Computer Vision

Goal of the workshop is to initiate a new direction in theoretical neuroscience aiming at the development of physiologically-founded neural theories of the processing of facial movements and expressions. Such theories should quantitatively relate empirical data, e.g. from behavioral and physiological studies, and should inspire new experimental research.

Almost no physiologically inspired models on the neural mechanisms of the recognition of dynamic faces exist. At the same time, present research in different experimental disciplines has started to investigate the recognition of dynamic faces. This makes the development of neural models in this area a timely topic, which should be specifically of interest for theoretical neuroscientists working on higher cognitive functions and for scientists working on neural models of visual cortex.


8:00 Introduction
8:10 H. Hill (School of Psychology, Univ. of Wollongong, Australia) Dynamic faces: behavioural studies and key questions
8:40 C. Curio (Max Planck Inst. for Biol. Cybernetics, Germany) Exploring dynamic facial expression recognition using facial animation
9:10 A. Ghazanfar (Princeton Univ., NJ) Engaging neocortical networks with dynamic faces
9:40 Pause
10:00 T. Serre (CBCL M.I.T., US) A Biologically Inspired System for Action Recognition
10:30 M. Bartlett (Institute for Neural Computation, UCSD) Data mining spontaneous facial behavior with automatic expression coding
11:00 Skiing Break
4:30 B. Heisele (Honda Research Institute, Cambridge, US) A Vision System for Recognizing Played and Natural Expressions
5:00 S. Boker (Dept. of Psychology, Univ. of Virginia, VA) Dissociating facial appearance and dynamics in real time during natural conversation
5:30 Pause
6:00 M. Turk (Dept. of Computerscience, UCSB) Facial expression analysis on manifolds
6:30 A. Blake (Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK) Face-fitting Stereoscopically

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